What is the best Stroller for a Newborn?

When you buy a stroller for a newborn, as every parent knows, your baby isn’t very mobile. Even when they do begin to move around and start crawling all over the place it’s not like they’re going too far off. But even so you’ll still need a stroller because sometimes tired parents. Just don’t want to bother with carrying their child from room to room or up and downstairs. So here is how you choose the best stroller for your little one based on age.

From birth:

If your baby is brand new at this point then you’ll want a lightweight stroller that is easy to carry around from room to without straining yourself. In this case a simple umbrella stroller is the way to go.       

Before your baby is born you’ll want to purchase or register for some items for the baby. One of these things would definitely be a stroller. Of course, you don’t want to get anything too big because at this point your little one is only going to be about 7-11 pounds. So anything more than that will probably just feel like it’s holding them back and weighing them down. Maybe opt for an umbrella stroller as it is easy to carry around without causing strain on moms’ or dads’ backs. Especially after lugging around that lovely baby bump all winter long. Plus if they are super young then they won’t mind being in their stroller as much.       

When your baby is a couple of months old:

At this point you’ll want to get something slightly larger, with more padding and maybe even some type of sun protection for when you’re out and about, and it might be nice to also have four wheels instead of just two so that you can push it around easily without worry.

Stroller for a Newborn

But don’t buy anything bigger than a regular stroller because if they are still pretty young then they won’t mind being in the stroller all day! Plus anytime I ever see a mom walking around with a huge double-wide stroller she always looks completely exhausted from having to maneuver it through crowds, up etc.

When your baby is 4-5 months old:

A few months later your little one is probably ready to move on to a full-size stroller that has enough space for them to sit up. And even have room for them to grow into. They may even be able to use it as a car seat if you so choose! So this means more than likely they’ll love being in the stroller all day, every day because they can now get comfortable and not feel like they are cramped up inside of it which means Mommy and Daddy will enjoy pushing their baby around too!

When your baby is 6+ months old:

If you’re lucky then at this point your baby has finally reached the age of six months and is able to be in the stroller without having their carseat. This means that they can now sit up, hold their own bottles, and most importantly have more room to grow which means even better news for you. Because not only will your baby love being in the stroller but so will parents.

 When your baby is 6+ months old

Now when buying a newborn stroller there are a few things you want to take into consideration: safety, comfortability (for both baby and parent), size (how big it is) and maneuver-ability (can you easily get around with it). Also if this is your first child or double so twins then make sure that the two of them can fit comfortably into one stroller!       

Remember that safety should always come first when it comes to your baby. A stroller with a five-point harness is going to be the safest bet because they can’t just wiggle their way out of it. But if you choose a normal stroller then make sure there are some sort of straps for them because even though babies might not know. How to get into trouble they still have an uncanny ability to lean or fall over. Causing themselves harm as well as other people around them.

 Keep in mind the comfort factor

Don’t forget about comfort either, and not just for baby but also for mommy and daddy too! Babies can sleep anywhere at any time (trust me on this) so having a reclining back is going to be very nice when you’re trying to fit a few errands into that short amount of time and the baby starts getting tired.        

Size of stroller 

And also think about the size because this baby isn’t exactly tiny and weighs almost nothing anymore, so you want to make sure it’s just big enough for them but not too big that it takes up half the sidewalk. And as far as maneuverability goes you definitely want something with four wheels because they are much easier to push around than those flimsy two wheeled ones which tend to get stuck on anything from grass or gravel to really small cracks in the sidewalk!

 Conscious about Brand Quality

There are numerous brands out there for strollers all with their own unique little quirks. It’s best to try them out before you invest your money into one because a stroller is definitely an investment. And not just some little accessory that you bought on a whim.      

For example, Maclaren has long been known for their sturdy yet lightweight strollers which are usually very easy to open and close. But there are plenty of other brands that have the same level of quality at half the price. And since it’s your baby, if your baby doesn’t like sitting in it then you definitely aren’t going to want to waste your time with it either so always try before you buy.


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