Questions to Consider When Selecting a Breast Pump

There’s nothing that says “welcome to motherhood” as a shopping spree for a breast pump, but who would have thought that these gadgets are available in such different sizes, shapes, and prices? From single or double-sized devices to electric or manual models and more, choosing the best breast pump for your baby might be more complicated than you expected. We’ve come up with a few essential questions to consider to help you choose the most suitable breast pump for your requirements.

1. How Often Do You Pump?

First, how often you must feed your infant to stay comfortable and healthy plays an essential part in the kind of pump you’ll need to be searching for. If, for instance, your baby is a huge eater, and you breastfeed exclusively it, you could choose one that allows the machine to complete the job. Fully automated, a double-electric pump pumps breastfeeding milk for both babies and is an excellent time-saver for moms who have to pump often.

However, breastfeeding mothers who need only to pump a couple of ounces now and then an inexpensive or manual single electric pump could accomplish the task. A small proportion of mothers who are having difficulty producing milk or have a premature infant or have an infant who is having difficulty latching might need a hospital pump. In particular, these mothers may require the suction, effectiveness, and reliability of a hospital-grade pump such as the Spectra S1 or S2 to ensure that their baby is getting the highest quality of breast milk.

2. Does the pump come with Accessories to Help?

Freemie independence mobile breast pump may accelerate your breastfeeding process, many moms require more than an electric pump to ensure their baby is getting sufficient breast milk every day. Moms who breastfeed often look for storage containers or bags that can accommodate different sizes of flanges and breast shields, cooler bags for carrying, and many other items. We can assure you that the cost of these items can quickly add up! There are breast pumps that come with these essential accessories, which means you’ll cut out the stress and expense of buying a multitude of add-ons from your pocket.

Whether you prefer the accuracy of a manual machine or are looking to make the switch to an electric double pump, be sure to select the one which is the best for the baby and you.

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3. Where Do You Pump?

The location you are spending your time most pumping influences the kind of breast pump you should be searching for. If you are required to pump regularly at work, A double electric pump could restrict your time in the nurse room and increase the time you’re able to spend working. If you have flexible working hours or consume the maturity of their time pumping in their homes, either a manual pump or a single electric pump might be sufficient. Some pumps are also made to operate quietly and discreetly, which means you’ll be comfortable pumping in the workplace or at home when your child is asleep.

4. Does Your Insurance Cover a Breast Pump?

The transition to parenthood is accompanied by numerous costs, some of which you might not have considered before, and the cost of the breast pump is not an exception as per the Affordable Care Act, which requires most health plans, including grandfathered plans, to offer support, counseling, and medical equipment to support breastfeeding. Yes, that includes the price that breast pumps cost!

The insurance company you have with may have guidelines for the breast pumps covered. However, most plans cover most of the costs to alleviate the financial burden for the new parents. To determine what breast pumps your insurance plan offers at a low or free of charge, complete this form.

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