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We all want to keep our baby happy. However, it is no secret that baby development milestones are extremely important for a baby’s growth and learning. Not only do baby developmental milestones help you understand the different stages. Your child will progress through but also help you ensure that the baby is developing healthily.

Baby Developmental Milestones

Nowadays there are many tools available online such as baby tracker apps on smartphone devices. That allows you to track a baby’s daily activities from regular sleep patterns to teething stages and frequent awake time. Such apps may be useful.

Parents should not rely completely on such sources and must opt for awareness of baby development basics along with tracking information via mobile applications. As a parent, it’s essential for you to learn about the benefits of baby’s developmental milestones. And how you can use baby development trackers to understand a baby’s cognition level.

The following are baby developmental milestone graphs, charts, and other tools that serve as an excellent baby tracker and help parents understand a baby’s mental growth.

What is a baby developmental milestone tracker?

Baby Developmental Milestones Charts provide a complete guide dependent on a child’s age in terms of cognitive advancement that allows parents to understand the learning stages of a baby through a series of baby development graphs.

For instance, every year around 4-6 months babies develop new skills such as turning their head towards sound or rolling over from front to back. Which is considered major baby development milestones for 6-month-old babies. Similarly, at 9 months, old babies start crawling, while at 11 months the baby starts walking.

baby development graphs

All baby development milestones such as baby tracking apps for baby tracking are extremely beneficial to babies and help parents understand baby’s progress in a baby milestone chart. Baby milestones apps provide a series of baby developmental graphs that help you know how your child is developing cognitively.

The following are some benefits of baby tracker apps:

1) Learn about baby’s mental growth 

Understand the importance of baby development milestones

baby's mental growth 

Not only can baby mental development trackers help you learn about your baby. But it also explains the importance of every stage of baby’s cognition level i.e why crawling is important at 1 year 9-month-old age or when to start teaching sign language, etc. Hence using such mobile applications will not only help babies but for parents as well.

Take care of a baby 

Get baby developmental milestones tips

As baby tracker apps provide comprehensive baby development graphs. It also allows you to get baby development milestone tips that include getting baby toy ideas for the next stage of development. Or getting advice from pediatricians about baby’s baby health issues etc.

Baby Developmental Milestones         

Family planning is one of the hardest decisions to make in life and many parents often confuse themselves with what is the right age to have a child? And when should I start thinking about having another baby?

Baby Developmental Milestones    

At what age can my child be left alone without supervision? If such questions are bothering you too then here are some answers that will help you understand the stages your child is expected to go through before growing up.

1) Starts as a baby, crawling till baby stage

2) When a baby becomes a toddler, baby milestones charts provide a complete guide of baby development from starting walking and learning to talk. Baby development tracker apps allow you to know the important baby milestones. That include baby learning crayons at two years old and entering into preschool after turning three years old. 

3) By this time the baby enters his preschool period in which he learns about numbers, writing letters, ABCD’s, etc.

 4) Around the 5th year the baby starts understanding general information such as food habits, styles of dressing, etc. 

5) After reaching age 10 the baby enters the public school system or sometimes may be homeschooled depending on the baby and the baby’s parents. 

6) During the baby’s 12th year, the baby is expected to graduate from high school or middle school. Then the baby starts college for higher studies. 

7) After completing college, the baby enters a professional field such as becoming an actor, sportsperson, etc. 

8) While the baby reaches the age of 20 years, the baby joins a job and becomes independent. During this period the baby starts having their own family that includes getting married to someone. They love and find out about their partner in terms of understanding one another better before leading on with a family. 

9) Baby continues learning throughout his life whether it be something new about his career or exploring something new. In his profession, by taking up some task or project he/she has not tried before. All this happens while the baby also manages the baby’s family and the baby’s health-related issues.

10) At the time a baby reaches 65 years, the baby starts retiring from all his baby jobs and responsibilities. It is at this time the baby may start living alone if his / her children are settled in their professions or living independently.

 11) Finally when a baby reaches 90 years of age, he/she is blessed to live a comfortable life with happiness that comes from memories made over the years. Thus this was all about ‘baby development milestones. Which will help parents make sure that they track their baby’s progress on a regular basis so as to understand. Where exactly their child stands in terms of learning, memory-making, etc.


You are not alone. There are many parents who are wondering how to make the most of their child’s development. Here at Mother & Baby, we want to help in that process. This is why we created an app that can help you better understand your baby’s development and the progress they have made over time.