How Long Does a Cold Last in Babies?

Depending on the severity of the cold, a child may have symptoms for 7-10 days. Although it is important not to worry too much, the average cold in a baby will last about seven to 10 days. It is recommended that parents monitor their children closely and give supportive care to prevent infection. If the symptoms are severe or persist for longer than seven to ten day, parents should visit a health care professional to get the best treatment.


Coughing and congestion are common symptoms, but not necessarily a sign that the child has a cold. The most common symptoms include fever, cough, and thick mucus. These symptoms will last between seven and ten days, with the worst days occurring on the second and third days. The symptoms of a cold can last from one to four weeks, although it is possible for the cold to last for longer in some cases. If you think your child has a cold, try to catch it early.

A child with a cold has a three- to four-day incubation period, meaning that they will be contagious before the symptoms appear. However, colds can be passed on to other people before the symptoms are even visible. A runny nose and stuffed up nose can make the infection more contagious, making it even more uncomfortable for the baby. To get rid of mucus and avoid spreading the disease, parents can use a suction bulb to remove excess mucus from a baby’s nose. They can also use saline drops to soften the mucus before suctioning. A cool-mist humidifier can also reduce congestion and make breathing easier.

A baby can catch a cold at any age, but it is especially common for babies under a month of age. A baby will often have a fever during the first few days, peaking on days two and three. If the cold lasts longer than this, the cough may persist beyond the fourth day, though. Research shows that infants may catch as many as eight colds per year. In addition to the usual number of colds a child has, the duration of the colds also depends on whether the child is exposed to sick children. For example, if a baby spends most of his time in daycare, he or she may get six to eight colds per year, while an infant who attends daycare will catch less.

A baby’s cold symptoms will vary from one to another. The fever usually lasts around seven days. The cough will often last longer than the other symptoms. While there is no cure for the common cold, antibiotics may be prescribed for some children who have a bacterial infection. For those babies who have been exposed to a lot of sick children, antibiotics should be prescribed. While most children can recover from a simple cold, some children may require antibiotics to treat an ear infection or pneumonia.

While it is possible to avoid a cold in babies, it is always advisable to contact a pediatrician immediately. A child with a cold will be fussy and may have a mild fever. If the child is older, it is possible to keep the cough going for more than a week, depending on the severity. But, if the child is under a month of age, he or she may have to stay in the hospital until it has fully recovered.

A baby’s cold symptoms will last about seven to ten days. The fever is the most common symptom, but it will usually disappear after a week. The cough will usually go away on its own, but if the cough lingers, parents should consult a doctor. It is essential to wash the baby’s hands regularly. This will help prevent bacteria from spreading from parent to child. When your baby has a cold, it is best to seek treatment right away.

While cold symptoms in babies vary greatly, fever and cough are usually the first to appear. Symptoms tend to peak on days two and three and can last up to three weeks. If a baby is suffering from a cold for a long time, consult your pediatrician. If a baby is not feeling well, he may have a chest infection. Fortunately, cold in a baby will pass on its own within a few days.


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