What is the best type of First Aid Kit for babies?

What is the best type of first aid kit for babies?

‘’The debate on what the best first aid kit for babies is has been raging since modern medicine was born. With all of the information floating around, there are many opinions and ideas about what should be included in a baby’s first aid kit, but few clear answers. Some parents even go as far as … Read more

When Do Babies Get Kneecaps?

When Do Babies Get Kneecaps

A baby’s patella and kneecaps are formed from cartilage, which makes their movements easy. As they grow, the patella hardens into bones, and the child’s kneecaps follow. The baby’s cartilage continues to grow throughout childhood, and by the time they are around 10 or 12 years old, the kneecaps are fully formed and are bone. … Read more

How Long Does a Cold Last in Babies?

How Long Does a Cold Last in Babies

Depending on the severity of the cold, a child may have symptoms for 7-10 days. Although it is important not to worry too much, the average cold in a baby will last about seven to 10 days. It is recommended that parents monitor their children closely and give supportive care to prevent infection. If the … Read more

When Do You Stop Burping Babies?

When Do You Stop Burping Babies

Many parents wonder when do you stop burping babies. While this process is important, burping isn’t necessary for a healthy baby. Some babies burp less frequently as they grow because they are swallowing less air. However, if your baby still burps, it may be because they’re allergic to the formula they’re on. If this is … Read more